About Us

Hello Friends, 

My name is Whitney Swofford and I am the owner of Two Peas In A Pod Boutique. I have been praying for this journey for a long time, but finally got the courage to take a leap of faith and start this business. I am married to my high school sweet heart, Chris and we have two beautiful children. Olivia (5) and Thomas (2). They are our pride and joy and the greatest blessing ever. We are from Mount Pleasant, NC and are building our dream home! I am in grad school currently, obtaining my dual masters (MHA/MBA) at Pfeiffer University. When our lives aren't crazy, we enjoy going to the beach with my family at Holden Beach, NC, traveling and making lots of memories with each other! Lastly, Jesus Christ is our main provider, and everything comes from him! He is the whole reason my husband and I are in the place of life that we are in!

Two years ago, my husband and I were both working full time with two kids. When the pandemic hit, we felt that God was leading us to bigger and better things. We both quit our full time jobs and my husband pursed his dreams. We started a landscaping business and later my husband got his General Contractors License. We are financially stable and I decided to pursue my dreams of opening up a children's boutique! Everything that my husband and I do is for our kids and their futures. 

The name "Two Peas In A Pod" comes from my kids. I hope you enjoy every single item for our boutique as I hand pick each and every item! When you purchase something from our boutique, just know that you are helping my family pursue our dreams in all aspects!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to use the "Contact Us" form and I will personally get back to you! 

Much love, 

xoxo, Whitney <3